We are pleased to offer four conference threads associated with the STLHE 2019 conference theme, Guiding the Journey: Learner – Teacher – Learner, which will help to ground discussions about the journey in education from one of learner to teacher to learner.  Conference presenters and attendees can use these threads to guide their personal STLHE 2019 experiences so that individual experiences are authentic and meaningful.

Spirit, Story, Vision

How can we provide a brave space to support learners and teachers in the present moment? How do we create meaningful teaching and learning experiences that have enduring impact?  How do we support faculty in their journey to become better educators?

Physical, Knowledge, Growth

How do we use existing theoretical models of teaching and learning to guide forward the ideas, innovations, and technologies of the future?  How do we use teaching and learning strategies to foster learner and teacher growth and resilience?

Heart, Emotions, Reciprocity

How do we incorporate perspectives from various cultures within our teaching and learning environments in respectful ways?  How do we promote a culture of appreciation?  How do we advance diversity-sensitive teaching practices?  How do we build learning communities that are diverse and inclusive?  How do we cultivate reciprocal teaching and learning communities?

Mind, Wisdom, Engagement

How do we help learners develop their abilities to think critically, to imagine, and to solve problems?  How do we encourage learners to link their classroom learning to life and work experiences? How do we create and implement fair and holistic assessments of learning? How do we support teachers in their quests to support learners in these ways?

four, threads, wisdom, vision, reciprocity, growth